Friday, July 10, 2009

Gunung Irau Cameron Highland Pahang : The Terrain & The trail

Gunung Irau Trail in Cameron Highland is normally wet and muddy most of the time, more so if it is during the rainy season.

It is mossy & beautiful.

Depending on experience and good judgement to step on the right path and spots, chances to step into mud is always, even if you are careful........and the mud holes can be very deep.

Look at the trekkers' legs , guess which leg/legs has stepped into mud holes ? deep mud holes...

Some trekkers can be heard cursing while others laugh their way to release tension.

Surely you can see some on four and you can hear lots of OO0000oo and AAhhhhh... along the way to the peak of the mountain.

To go from one spot to the other, sometimes trekkers do need to pull tree trunks, branches, roots anything to move forward.

The terrain is slippery too, go slowly and steady is a good way to avoid danger of slipping and falling.

We enjoyed trekking Gunung Irau and will be back again.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gunung Irau Cameron Highland

Starting our journey from Kuala Lumpur at 5.30 am on the day of july 4, 2009, we travelled the North South Highway, heading towards Ipoh, exit via Simpang Pulai tollgate.

By 9.30 am we reached the Kea Bee Farm in Cameron Highlaand.

We met Watermelon Lau & Watermelon Chan who have gone the night before by public transport to check on the condominium that we booked for a stay overnight.

After everyone had gathered, we drove another half an hour towards the entrance of Gunung Irau via Gunung Brinchang.

Click to view the trekkers

With almost 50 trekkers gathered at the foothill of Gunung Brinchang, everyone was excited, some were getting ready while others were all ready to go.

The climb started approxiamtely at 10.15 am -10.30 am from the foothill of Gunung Brinchang

Earlier planning was Tony the mountain sifu was supposed to arrive earlier than the trekkers to
mark the trail but somehow something unexpected came up and we heard he was behind.

Thus we relied on our experience as we have been there before to carry on the trek until we reached the false peak.

The weather for the day was good, though the path was muddy, but still manageble.

Most of the time, we were on all fours, holding the branches, tree trunks as we swung from one spot to the other.

It was a challenging climb, most were enjoying and having good time, taking photographs of the wild flora & fauna.

Click to view the white fungus found at the tree trunk.

We enjoyed the climb very much, taking the usual route that we were familiar towards the peak, we continued the journey with some descends and ascends.

Some of the members who were already up at the peak taking their lunch.

when we reached the peak, not only our dear Watermelon Chan had he finished his lunch, he was seen picking up rubbish from the peak of Gunung Irau, just like he does each time he treks in Bukit Tabur.

Good habits is obvious and good to follow by all trekkers, do not litter and never leave trash, it spoilt the beauty of the nature.

It is never complete, if we have reached the peak, not taking a group photograph.

In the picture, standing from left Choo, Siow Ching, Tan Agnes, Steven, Watermelon Chan, YF Chong, Teksi Lau, Bernard.

half laying from left Watermelon Lau, Choo ( the other Choo's brother ) & Alex ( seen so hungry and can't let go of his food)

Henry was not in the picture, he seemed hurried down towards the foothill direction when we met him 5 meter on the way to the peak.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cameron Highland Gunung Irau Malaysia

All together there is almost 43 participants to this Gunung Irau trekking.

EBC Group (KC) - 12 persons
Alex Chan - 9 persons
Kelly Hoh - 9 persons (day trip)
Agnes Tan - 9 persons
Bernard Lee - 4 persons

The team will start the journey from Kuala Lumpur early in the morning; have breakfast at Tapah Rest Area, and start trekking when reaching Cameron Highlands.

The main team lead, TonyQ a.k.a. The Mountain Sifu, will tag the directional labels (or markers) so that all could be guided on to the correct direction. The labels are those red and white plastic ribbons that will be labeled TQ01, TQ02, TQ03... Well, TQ is not "thank Q"; instead, it is TonyQ's initial.

Due to outbreak of flu virus, most people could not travel by flight for holidays. So the local tourism at Cameron Highlands is having a boom time with most apartments are fully booked for the next few weekends.

Cameron Highland Gunung Irau Malaysia

Preparation for trekking in Gunung Irau.

1) There is no waterpoint in Gunung Irau unless you can settle for the mud water, carrying enough water is a must.

2) There is a trek junction to look out for and as KC's co-organiser, Tony put it

" The trail is V shape IE start from Gunung Brinchang, going downwards and then upwards to the peak. There's is a mini Irau peak (just like Gunung Nuang in Ulu Langat 'false peak) from there will take u 30 minutes to reach the Gunung Irau peak.

There are a number of cross trails, therefore just follow the marker else you will be going round and round..

75% of the climb, you will be using your four limbs Do not walk on the muddy path or else you will come back without shoes

Just enjoy the scenery.... the mossy forest , Take nothing but leave footprints and take pictures.

There's a distance marker shows 3km

REMINDER : Torchlite, WIndbreaker & raincoat IS COMPULSORY as the forest will be dark by 6pm. Carry whisel is highly recommended BUT use when necessary

Attire : Long Pants, Bermuda short or tights is recommended

Bring used newspaper or plastics bags and have water in the car to wash up after the climb.

Wallets, Camera, Handphone, please put in plastic bag in case it rain.

You need to carry some food but DO NOT LITER.....

Lastly.. appreciate that all you adhere to the cut off time IE 2pm. If u still not reach the peak by 2pm please turn back.

NB : if its heavy rain and thunderstorm before the climb, the climb will be called off. During the climb if its rain, optional either u climb to the peak or turn back BUT cut off time MUST be adhered.

Cameron Highland Gunung Irau Malaysia

KC, & his team of organisers are doing a thorough job in organising with all intent to make the trekking trip to Gunung Irau a success

these are some excepts in their mailing to our mailbox regarding the muddy path in Gunung Irau.

" Thanks to Tony for the additional information ... For those who have not been to this G. Irau trail, the muddy path/patch is not the yellow muddy type. Instead, the earth is dark brown or black in colour, similar to those normal, dark earth-based ground that we see. The moment you step your foot on it, your foot will sink for 1-2 feet. Don't worry, it is not the quick sand type... :-) Though we say that "take nothing but photos; leave nothing but footprints", it is not recommended that you leave too vivid footprint (or your shoes) this way... :-) Nevertheless, if you do, remember to ask your buddy to take a photo of you for remembrance ... :-)

How to recognize the potential mud trap:
1. The obvious ... vivid footprint or shoes left behind
2. The untouched and smooth surface - no footprint ... :-)

Have an enjoyable and memorable trip.

Gunung Irau Cameron Highland

We are all set and ready for the Gunung Irau, in Cameron Highland come this Saturday July 4, 2009

Our first time climbing Gunung Irau was in 2008, it was wet and muddy. We came back soaked in muds.

our socks were in mud
our trekking shoes were in mud
Our sports shirt were with many spots of mud and
so were our trekking pants in lots of mud

The brownish mud that gave our sportswear and trekking shoes a nice earth color that stays for a long time despite washing a few time.

This does not deter us from going back there to attempt the peak another time come this weekend. quite the opposite, the mushy trails and mossy plants is like magic, attracting us there again and guess this time will not be much difference from the last.

We saw many local trekkers of uncles and aunties, consists of the local vegetable and fruit farmers wearing Phua Chu Kang 's yellow boots, trekking through the mud, they were trekking fast and light, as light as dragonfly touching the water when they fly.

Comparing with us, it was a sight to behold, the city folks threaded the path with care and concern in every nooks and corners that we step less we step into the mud, sometimes it can be knee high.

so much laughter and Ouu and Ahhh, for those who accepted the terrain as part of the journey they came all the way for and cursing for those who least enjoyed the wet muddy path.

Gunung Irau, here we come again.