Friday, June 19, 2009

Direction to Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur

Dear All,

There are many ways you can find your way to the Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

By map published in booklets or brochures, by GPS of many different models. we have most of these gadgets, but i think the most tested way for a lady to give you the direction to the Zoo Negara is as follows :-

1) by Federal Highway, drive thru Parliment, pass PWTC, go to Bulatan Pahang, turn 9 o'clock where you can see The TB Hospital, Tawakal Hospital, Drive pass Kem Wardiburn, drive pass Wangsa Maju, University TAR College, turn towards direction to Melawati, and Zoo Negara, Look out for those 3 stories shoplots with black tinted glass in Melawati township, pass the MIA art college, look out for landmarks like Mayban, Lim Tyres on your right, on your left you can see Pizza Hut and Giant Hypermarket, about a kilometer from Giant Hypermarket, on your left you will see Zoo Negara Ampang

2) From Kesas Highway/MRR2

go towards Genting Highland direction, pass by Pandan Indah....., Flamingo Hotel....., Ulu Klang Industrial Estate, you can see Glaxo Smithkline, Shinetsu etc...pass by Datuk Keramat........., pass by a mosque, you will see Sri Garden International School on your right, about a kilometer and a half, you will see Zoo Negara, make a u turn before the Giant Hypermart traffic light, after the u turn, half a kilometer, on the left is Zoo Negara.

Hope the above helps

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tropical Fruits Party

After the Kemensah Trail, anybody favors this ?

Or this ?

Juicy Mangoesteens

You get to do it yourself,

Or choose to be pampered ???

there are plenty of these seasonal tropical fruits like durian, rambutans and the dukong /langsat

If you hate all of the above, esp durian, you have all the liberty to buy a comb or two, sit next to us, enjoy yourself with this.

Awaiting your comments ?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recce the Kemensah Trail

Preparing for the Kemensah Trail June 21, 2009.

Our group's team leader Kin Hou Chan, Henry & I went to Kemensah checking several things out.

Just to ensure we are up to date on the site and other issues so the trekking will be smooth for all to enjoy.

Along the way, we saw hills upon hills were cut.....

And housing developers were busy working on the projects........

Checking out the parking area.

Upon reaching the starting of the trail, one of the Nepalis security guard saw us coming, came out to meet us.

We were told that we need to contact the numbers as written on the notice board before we can embark on our journey for the trail.

We were advised to call the mobile number as stated on the notice board,

He volunteered himself as a spokesperson, continue providing more information though we didn't ask, probably expecting us to ask similar questions from other groups of trekkers.

Explaining that there is a group of regular trekkers from the villege nearby, doing some work at first level waterfall, building up shed, toilet, and maintaining the trek. Fees are chanel towards such purposes.

Well, come June 21, 2009 we shall have a first hand experience on what was explained.

Kemensah Trail Kuala Lumpur

Kemensah Trail on June 21, 2009, which happens to be a Father's Day too.

We have checked out some sources and would like to inform the following

1) Found out that there may be a charge of RM 10 to RM 15/= per person by the villagers who claims to maintain the trail. For the Everest base Camp trekkers, KC to consolidate number of persons coming & inform before June 18, 2009 as we are negotiating for the fees to pay for entrance.

( Both the organiser & the leader will consolidate info and do a posting on the same later )

2) Where to meet and when : Zoo Negara's carpark, at 7.30 am June 21, 2009 just slightly after you enter the road junction to Zoo Negara Ampang.

3) What to bring : 1.5 to 2 liters of water, lunch on your own.

4) Where to park : You can opt to park
a) at the Zoo Negara's carpark the entire day
b) or nearby housing estate,

5) Best to to carpool before proceeding & drive towards the kampong which is the starting of trail.

6) Nature of the trail : trekking in tropical forest, river crossing & waterfall, except the last part of trail which is estimates at 60 to 70 degrees at the last waterfall, the other part of the journey is gradual and easy to trek, for those who has experience Gunung Nuang and Broga Hill, it is much much less difficult than Gunung Nuang, but more challenging than Broga Hill.

7) Advisable to bring : change of clothing, anti-leech repellent, your own first aid kit.

8) Please take nothing except memory and leave nothing except footprints, please be responsible to take out your rubbish.

9) Leader : Mr. Kin Hou Chan & team

organiser : Tan agnes & team

Grouping : For those first timer who are joining us and bringing your friends along, kindly appoint your own sub-group leader to ensure the well being of every members for the journey.

Buddy system wil be best to keep an eye for each other. Sub-group leaders are to check their member's fitness level and prepareness in attire on jungle trekking & river crossing.

9) Disclaimer, as this is a social trip, the organiser and the leader will not be responsible for any any mishaps or accidents on the trip .

Should you have any queries, we will use the comment platform for further discussion & advise.