Friday, July 10, 2009

Gunung Irau Cameron Highland Pahang : The Terrain & The trail

Gunung Irau Trail in Cameron Highland is normally wet and muddy most of the time, more so if it is during the rainy season.

It is mossy & beautiful.

Depending on experience and good judgement to step on the right path and spots, chances to step into mud is always, even if you are careful........and the mud holes can be very deep.

Look at the trekkers' legs , guess which leg/legs has stepped into mud holes ? deep mud holes...

Some trekkers can be heard cursing while others laugh their way to release tension.

Surely you can see some on four and you can hear lots of OO0000oo and AAhhhhh... along the way to the peak of the mountain.

To go from one spot to the other, sometimes trekkers do need to pull tree trunks, branches, roots anything to move forward.

The terrain is slippery too, go slowly and steady is a good way to avoid danger of slipping and falling.

We enjoyed trekking Gunung Irau and will be back again.

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